April, 2019

Mother - season 12, episode 20 “My Mother” - The Nosleep Podcast

Waitress - season 12, episode 19 “Keep Your Eyes on the Road” - The NoSleep Podcast

Mom/Shelly - season 12, episode 18 “The With of the Woods” / “The Girl on the Porch” - The NoSleep Podcast

Nurange the Black - chapter 7 of The Call of the Flame: An Audio Play

I.R.I.S. - Copperheart (scifi audio drama - ongoing)

Maria - season 12, episode 17 “A Ride through Shenandoah” - The NoSleep Podcast

March, 2019

The Cook - The Deca Tapes (audio drama)

Helena - season12, episode 16 “The Unquiet Grave” - The NoSleep Podcast

February, 2019

Aubrey Nakama - Heart’s Medicine: Doctor’s Oath film - Vibrantly Cool Studios

Nurang the Black - chapter 7 of The Call of the Flame: An Audio Play

Narrator - season 12, episode 10 “Far and Wee” - The NoSleep Podcast

Jennifer’s Sister - season 12, episode 9 “The Drain” - The NoSleepPodcast

January, 2019

Julia - season 12, episode 7 “Try To Remember” - The NoSleep Podcast (horror podcast)

Helen - season 12, episode 6 “Moonshadow Friends” - The NoSleep Podcast (horror podcast)

December, 2018

Rebecca Collins - Alea Ludo (video game) - Double Down Games

Alicia – season 1, episode 3 “They Don’t Make them Like That Anymore” - The Grey Rooms (horror anthology podcast)

Teddy Bear – season 1, episode 2 “I Loved My Human” - The Grey Rooms (horror anthology podcast)

November, 2018

Soloist - “Whispers of Time” from ‘Three Kingdoms’ (music) - Beyond Skyrim

October, 2018

Hyperion - Cyberspace Neo: Exodus (audio drama) - Titanium Templar - ongoing

Platinum - Vindicaris (webcomic/original animation) - Vindicaris

September, 2018

Ms. Bloodborne - Lingering (visual novel) - Ceylon Entertainment

Voice Talent / Writer / Mixer - Radio Commercials - Barrel & Pie

August, 2018

Felicity Neromi – Heart of the Universe (visual novel) – Dev 16 Studio - ongoing

Angelique Dupin – Lesser Evils (audio drama) 

Vos – Star Girls (dating game/visual novel) – SilverEdge Games

Narrator – First Service Residential (training videos)


July, 2018

Wolf – The Beacon (audio drama) - Wizzard Wizzard Productions - ongoing

Oracle – The Dreamer’s City (horror audio drama) 


June, 2018

I.R.I.S. – Copperheart (audio drama) – RiggStories - ongoing

Kotori –Shiba Love Story (visual novel video game) – Kaminari Games


May, 2018

Sophie Anderson – Magical Warrior Diamond Heart (visual novel/game) – Magical Warrior Diamond Heart


April, 2018

The Hacker – Welcome to the Dreamscape (video game) – Fyre Games

March, 2018

Jhoira – Return to Dominaria (Magic The Gathering audio drama) –

Esmerelda / Cinder’s singing voice – Crescendo (audio drama) – Writer’s Cove Studios 

Hallow – Handaria (original animated motion picture) 

Television commercial voice – Nicholas J Photography 


December, 2017

Narrator – First Service Residential (training videos)


May, 2017 - present

Radio commercial voice – Moore Quality Production - ongoing







”It was a great pleasure to work with Sarah.

She has a great range of vocal styles, accents and voices in her repertoire. I provided her with a script and some minimal direction as to the age, nature and motivation of the character, and Sarah brought the character to life and captured her essence on the first try. We work on a tight production schedule, so I also appreciated how quickly Sarah delivered her work, and how clean the audio was.

I'll definitely be working with Sarah again!”

-Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studios

"Sarah is a true joy to work with.  She went above and beyond to record and produce an ad for our restaurant that truly captured the essence of what we do. We couldn't have asked for a better voice to represent our brand!"

-Kevin Friemel, Barrel & Pie

“Sarah was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does she have an immense vocal talent but she also is punctual and good with giving updates. She went beyond what was required of her and we’re truly lucky to have been given the opportunity to work together.”

- Andy Carrera, Kaminari Games

"Sarah is extremely motivated when you get her into the recording booth. She takes the challenge head-on while giving each line a 110%. Sarah follows directions clearly and asks the right question to make sure the integrity of the line is perfect. Her recording quality is excellent and her acting is top notch. I would hire Sarah again because she is what I expect a  professional voice actor should be."

- Chris Sullivan, SilverEdge Games

"Sarah played the roll of Jhoira on the Voice of All - Magic Story podcast over the course of 13 stories and as many weeks. She was a pleasure to work with; quick, courteous, and a phenomenal actress. Her work was timely. If it would not be on time for any reason, she updated me immediately as to the situation. If retakes were necessary, she was very quick to respond and get them done. Her audio was always crystal clear. She also quickly grasped the character in each scene and was able to give a phenomenal performance with little to no prompting. I can't recommend her enough and can't wait to work with her again!"

- Blaise Lelux, Voice of All MTG


"Sarah was super agreeable and easy to work with.  Plus, her delivery was great for the character!"

 - Conner Rush, FYRE Games


“It was a pleasure working with Sarah. Friendly, amiable, professional and talented. State-of-the-art sound, equipment and mic quality.  Incredibly talented actress. A star. I’m thankful she’s in our project. Very easy to work with. She offered to record the lines with me in real-time so that I could get the lines exactly as I wanted. It was a privilege to have an opportunity to work with such a talented voice actress.”  

- Dracomies Studio


“Amazing voice, a perfect fit for the character, great quality mic and fast turnaround recording. Highly recommend for any project!”

 - Square Media