Monday, Monday

We’ve all heard it.

“Ugh, Monday.”

“Why does Monday exist?”

“I wish I could skip Monday.”

Not only have we all heard it, we’ve felt it. We’ve sympathized with those statements. We’ve said those statements. And while a hatred for Mondays might seem like a great way to ingratiate yourself with your coworkers, it’s a pretty tough mentality to keep.

Think about it! If the bad mood starts as we set our alarms on Sunday evening, thinking, “Oh goodness, I’m dreading to tomorrow,” and doesn’t end until Monday night with our brains yawning, “Oh thank goodness it’s over,” we’ve just kept ourselves in a cycle of bad Monday blues for over 24 hours!

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning and thinking “Time to start a great week.” Imagine taking all of that energy that was previously used to hate a day, and using it instead as momentum for your week!

What I’m saying here is nothing new. For every “I hate Mondays” picture there’s a “10 Ways to not hate Mondays!” blog to counter it. But so often, we let the course of the day dictate our plans and our mood. Sometimes, we’ll let a bad 5 minutes turn into a bad hour, a bad morning, and a thoroughly bad day. It doesn’t have to be like that. Monday can work for you, at any part of the day! 6:00 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm, at any time, MONDAY CAN BE A GOOD DAY!

For example! I had an early morning errand to run before work…. and that errand made me 45 minutes late for work. Ouch. I called my boss, and he was understanding. Phew. After work, I came home, opened up the door to my studio and, would you look at that? The lights in my studio had all burned out. Poop. Luckily, there’s a WalMart within a 5 mile radius of every human on the planet, so off I went to buy new lights! Yay! And finally, as I was editing a recording, I realized how grossly incompetent I am at basic sound editing. Sigh. BUT THANK HEAVENS, there are people our there who know more than I, and who are more than happy to teach poor little pupils like me. Hooray!

So really what I’m saying is, if you’ve had a good Monday, I’m glad! If you’ve had a pretty lousy Monday, that’s ok. The day isn’t over yet.

How do you make Monday a day you look forward to?

Personally, I always plan to have a big breakfast on Mondays. I like food and I enjoy looking forward to good meals. Eggs, toast, whatever fruit is in season, and a giant pot of coffee… that’s all it takes for me to look forward to waking up on Monday morning.

But this Monday in particular was also a lovely day because I had the chance to listen to a snippet of the BIG episode 6 fight scene I voiced in the audio drama Cyberscape Neo, AND the new video game trailer that I helped narrate for ‘The Forgotten City’ was released today! So, that naturally made the day a little bit more bearable.

What are some of the ways YOU conquer the Monday blues? Share your tips, tricks, and motivational secrets in the comments!

And if you’re still a devout Monday-hater… don’t worry.

Tuesday is right around the corner. :)